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Social Networking Websites are the most popular platform in getting public response in latest trends of internet in year 2016. Year 2016 has brought the millions of public in the platform of social media sharing like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The facebook is number #1 social networking platform that is used in computers, laptops, tablets, i-phones and mobile. This means this social networking platform can be accessed from any type of device which has internet connection in it. Likewise Twitter and Instagram are the most common social networking platform that is the used from mobile phones. The mobile phones are the most common means of communication and the social networking that are most used from the mobiles phones are twitter and instagram. The user can share any media types, documents and messages from their mobile phone in these social network platforms.

These social networking platforms are vital for any business, celebrity and personal branding to promote, marketing and find followers. Getting more likes and followers takes any business, celebrity and personal branding to the next level of visibility and popularity. Clients having large number of followers in social media are considered as genuine and reputed in the market. The large followers will show the popularity and successful portfolio of the client in both real world and internet community.

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