Terms Of Service - Raisework

1. General

- This is the most recent Terms of service agreements as of March, 2016.
- If you do not wish to accept all terms of service provided by Raisework then please do not buy our services.

2. Service

- Raisework will only be used for promotional purposes for your social media accounts Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
- We do not guarantee that purchased followers will interact with your social media posts, status, pictures etc.
- Please don't send your account password and other sensetive information while purchasing.
- Late delivery doesn't mean you will get refund. Most of the time we deliver in time.
- Incase you loose followers and likes within a month, Please contact us. We will replace them as soon as possible.
- Buyers are not allowed to purchase followers from multiple vendors at the same time because it makes confusion from which suppliers they received followers.
- Instagram, Facebook and Twitter users might be inactive or no real humans.

3. Payment

- By purchasing any services from raisework, you agree to paypals terms of service.
- No partial or full refunds will be issued for delayed service unless your order does not get delivered at all.
- By purchasing our packages you agree that you will not file a fraud dispute via paypal, credit card or bank account.
- Incase of fraudulent attempts to file a dispute or chargeback, we grant right to ban your ip address from accessing our website and allow us to take legal action againts you and your social media accounts.